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G & G Technology is located in Phoenix Arizona and has been solving the power protection issues for business, government and residential customers since 1988. G & G is the southwest’s master distributor of Eaton’s complete line of transient voltage surge suppression devices and also the national provider of traffic sign surge suppression devices. Additionally, they carry a complete line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies for office and industrial applications.

G & G Technology specializes in industrial, mining, office and water treatment facilities. They also possess an excellent power protection solution for traffic intersections. Their customers include Los Alamos National Laboratories, the United States Air Force, Intel, Microchip, Raytheon as well as numerous state and municipal departments of transportation.

G & G Technology’s products are truly top of the line. They have the experience and expertise to ensure that your organization is thoroughly protected from all forms of damaging and costly electrical surges and power outages.

G & G Technology is Eaton Corporation’s national distributor of traffic signal power protection products.

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