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Premium Industrial, Commercial, Residential Transient Surge Suppression Products in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
G & G Technology is a master distributor for Eaton® Innovative Technology® and sells their industry-leading, premium line of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). While surge protection devices are their specialty, they also carry a comprehensive line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), line conditioners and harmonic filters.

In today’s highly competitive markets, surge suppression is recognized as the key to solving transient related power quality problems. Small businesses, manufacturers, multinational corporations and defense research facilities worldwide have learned that their initial investments in surge suppression can be quickly returned by reducing equipment damage, decreasing maintenance costs and improving system up time. The Protector®, from Innovative Technology, is manufactured by Eaton Electrical.

When it comes to losses from electrical and electronic equipment failure and disruption, few events can match the destruction caused by surges (transients) and electrical noise. These phenomena are responsible for between 30% and 50% of most electronic equipment field failures today – and that doesn’t even begin to take into account the latent damage or degradation to electrical equipment such events cause. Moreover, although no firm figures have been established, the estimated amount of dollars in lost production and lost revenues associated with these problems is staggering. A company can greatly reduce its risk of equipment damage, component degradation and system disruptions with a robust surge protection system.

This premier system, called System Shield, is a proven, effective method for total facility protection. This layered approach protects all of your electrical and electronic equipment, from powerful motors to sophisticated lighting controls and sensitive computer based controllers.

Serving the southwest United States (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas), G & G Technology Corporation is dedicated to marketing the finest in electrical power conditioning equipment available.

XT50/100 Surge Protector Approved – Critical UL 1449 Edition 3 standards Update
View and download information and specs on the XT50/100 Surge Protector that is fully compliant with following UL update.

A UL-listed Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) product provides a user with the confidence that their unit will not create a shock or fire hazard during use. In such major updates to Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety pertaining to TVSS went into effect on February 9, 2007, affecting all TVSS manufactured after this date. Click here to download the UL Explanation document. Click here to download Eaton’s Guide to Surge Suppression.

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Eaton® Innovative Technology® PTX160/PTE160 Surge Protector Devices
Protector HS-P-SP 120-60A-RJ Surge Protection Device

Since 1980, Eaton’s Innovative Technology has provided Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) to power quality equipment users around the world. Whatever your electrical surge protection need may be, Eaton’s Innovative Technology has a Surge Protective Device to fill it!

A transient surge protector is a device which is typically used to protect electronic equipment from damage or destruction caused by transient voltages and surge currents. These destructive transients most often attack equipment through power input lines, signal input and output lines and data lines and any other wiring coming into or going out of a chassis containing electronics.

General Features
– Peak Surge Current — 160 kA per phase; 80 kA per mode
– ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Location Categories — A, B and C
– Application — High to Low Exposure Level, sensitive, mission critical load
applications including: distribution panels, branch panels and critical load centers.
– Warranty — 20-Year Free Replacement
– Unit Listings — UL® 1449 Second Edition, cUL®, UL® 1283 filter
– Manufacturer Qualifications — ISO® 9001:1994 Quality System Certification BSI FM 30833

Mechanical and Electrical Features
– Enclosure — Powder Coated Steel, weatherproof; NEMA® Type 4 (IP66), meets or exceeds Type 12, 13 & 3R
– Mounting — Internally threaded fittings and multi-point mounting feet
– Connection — #10 (6 mm2) stranded wire
– Weight — 12 lbs (5.5 kg)
– Operating Temperature — -40°F (-40°C) to +185°F (85°C)
– Protection Modes — All Mode L-N, L-L (normal mode), L-G, N-G (common mode)
– Input Power Frequency — PTX: 47 – 420 Hz; PTE & all -SD optioned units: 47 – 64 Hz,
– Response Time — PTX: ≤1 nanosecond, PTE Active: <1 nanosecond – Capacitance — PTE: Up to 10 μF per mode

Note: For applications where earth leakage current may be of concern, please utilize PTX models.

– Diagnostics — LED indicators, 1 per phase, normally on. Remote Alarm Form C (Volt Free),
NO or NC contacts
– Contact rating 60 W, or 125 Vac @ 0.5 Amp, or 30 Vdc @ 1 Amp
– Internal terminal strips and weatherproof fitting
– Optional S.M.A.R.T. (surge counter and phase loss indicator with audible alarm)
– Circuit Interrupt Requirement — Reference installation instructions for details


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Innovative Technology® Protector® Series – The Superior Line of Surge Protectors
The I.T. Protector is a premier line of Surge Protective Devices designed to provide excellent protection under the harshest electrical conditions. These UL 1449 and UL 1283 listed products meet strict guidelines for durability and protection. Available in peak surge current capacities from 48 kA to 400 kA per phase and with the optional Power Event Monitor, Eaton has all your surge protection needs covered with the Protector!

General Features:
– Symmetrical surge current distribution and high current density capability
– Encapsulation technology provides a high dielectric and ultimate protection from adverse
environmental conditions
– ATN® (Active Tracking Network) – Suppresses both switching generated ringing and high-energy
impulse generated transients
– LED per phase diagnostics and dry relay contacts continuously monitor the SPD and electrical system
– S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic adds an audible alarm, surge counter, and phase-loss monitor
– All-mode protection – Assures all possible transient paths to load equipment are covered
– NEMA 4 and 4X enclosure – Allows weatherproof installation in the most demanding industrial and
commercial environments (Optional stainless 316 steel enclosure available)
– Available integral disconnect switch and fusing for convenient installation and maintenance
– Available flush mount for recessed installations
– 20-year free replacement warranty on most models
– Power Event Monitor – Continuously monitoring, logging, and reporting power quality events in
real time with time- and date-stamped event recording

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies
G & G Technology offers a comprehensive range of Eaton Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions. Eaton has over 40 years of experience in the power quality and backup power protection industry. The result is an expansive product line with advanced solutions for any application, from desktops to data centers.

Eaton’s solutions include UPSs ranging from 300 VA to more than 4,000 kVA to suit any application. Their award-winning software and connectivity devices incorporate all the features you need to proactively manage your systems, from basic monitoring and shutdown to predictive analysis and power management. Whatever your industry, Eaton’s UPS solutions deliver the answer with power management solutions backed with 7×24 Service support.


UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Powerware®) Brochures:

Powerware 3105 (500–700 VA) Power protection for small office and home office applications
Powerware 9390 (40-160 kVA)
Powerware 9395 (225-550 kVA)
Powerware Power Distribution Unit (PDU)


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